The secret to productivity and happiness?



My room is shrouded in darkness.

I walk to the kitchen.

Black iced coffee.

Nike sweater on.

Out the doo-

Ah crap, almost forgot my keys.

Ok, NOW out the doo-

Can’t forget shoes either.

Wow, it’s cold.

Why do I do this to myself?

*drive to the gym*

The truth about natural propensities and moments of brilliance

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It goes without saying that our greatest enemy is often ourselves. Doubt is the anthesis of freedom, and thus the ultimate destroyer of creativity.

Insecurity, the desire to pin our personal demons on a scapegoat, and a lack of faith in…

It begins with ending the endless prefaces and restoring a healthy dose of self-awareness

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I’m back on Medium.

It took a while, but I’m back. A lot of factors spurred this new renaissance of inspiration, but the most pressing catalyst shocking me back into a writing mood was a burning desire to end the…

Unique, actionable ways to minimize overthinking and encourage healthy productivity by a chronic over-thinker

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The Creative Curse:

The delusion or notion that we can create something perfect or essentially perfect.

The inability to just “turn off” a bevy of creative thoughts that are all over the place and not focused.

Overthinking to oblivion…

Yes, it’s that easy

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Whether you religiously monitor your daily steps with a Fitbit everyday or work a desk job and don’t have the luxury of being active for a living (like me), it should come to no surprise that walking is good for you.

“No shit dude”

Yeah, I…

Sometimes you’re not stronger than the day before

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Here in America, gyms are finally starting to reopen back up. …

It’s what you make of it: nothing more, nothing less

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The modern college sentiment bothers me.

It‘s hard to have a balanced, nuanced view of the four-year university model. It is often at the forefront of extremely polarized opinions:

“College is the remedy for most people. I get it’s expensive

It’s everywhere now

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It’s unnecessary, has become far too prevalent, and is a real threat:


What do I mean by this?

Inflammatory internet posts that masquerade as “harmless” or without negative intent and play the victim when they’re met with backlash (or are inciters of excessive outrage).

Cocky, know-it-all attitudes

A deep dive into “the real world”

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

It’s interesting being a fresh college grad.

You’ve just finished 4 (give or take) years of your life and it’s time to jump into the “real world”. It has likely been a rollercoaster of craziness, hard work, and rapid growth. Your undergraduate years…

“Fake essays” or not, they’re still pretty damn entertaining

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The word essay has come to bear somewhat negative connotations. Unless you’re a professional writer or have a job that entails copious amounts of research and writing, then you probably don’t have a particularly positive association with essays.

Instead, some of…

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