The secret to productivity and happiness?


My room is shrouded in darkness.

I walk to the kitchen.

Black iced coffee.

Nike sweater on.

Out the doo-

Ah crap, almost forgot my keys.

Ok, NOW out the doo-

Can’t forget shoes either.

Wow, it’s cold.

Why do I do this to myself?

*drive to the gym*

It’s chest and shoulders today.

*flip on the playlist*

*Warm-up, then hit heavy weights for an hour*

*cool down*


Now, my day has truly begun.

It was January 2020.

I had been skeptical about the whole “early bird grind” thing for a while. It was gaining traction on social…

The truth about natural propensities and moments of brilliance

It goes without saying that our greatest enemy is often ourselves. Doubt is the anthesis of freedom, and thus the ultimate destroyer of creativity.

Insecurity, the desire to pin our personal demons on a scapegoat, and a lack of faith in our own abilities often allow doubt to bloom in our lives. This isn’t a mean-spirited judgement, but a fact. I’m guilty of feeling this way myself sometimes.

Everyone is at some point.

The main problem is that we often chalk up elements of creativity and productivity to some mystical energy…

Unique, actionable ways to minimize overthinking and encourage healthy productivity by a chronic over-thinker

The Creative Curse:

The delusion or notion that we can create something perfect or essentially perfect.

The inability to just “turn off” a bevy of creative thoughts that are all over the place and not focused.

Overthinking to oblivion and shooting yourself in the foot before even beginning something.

Admittedly, there are probably underlying connotations of elitism and big dick energy associated with the term. The perceived equivalent of answering the common interview question, “What’s your greatest weakness?” with:

“I work too hard”.

“I get too much done and…

Yes, it’s that easy

Whether you religiously monitor your daily steps with a Fitbit everyday or work a desk job and don’t have the luxury of being active for a living (like me), it should come to no surprise that walking is good for you.

“No shit dude”

Yeah, I know, but hear me out.

Walking is underrated in my opinion. We’re constantly bombarded with “trendy workouts” and social media posts promoting many different types of cardio and exercises such as: tabata training, HIT, or jogging. Those are awesome, don’t get me wrong. If they work for you and you…

Sometimes you’re not stronger than the day before

Here in America, gyms are finally starting to reopen back up. Whether you have your reservations about returning or are already back pumping iron with a mask and additional protective measures (like me), the fact of the matter is this (read in the voice of a frat boy wearing a backwards cap):

“Gains season is back upon us boys.”

What does this mean, you might ask?

  • Your irritating friends will be back at it with the cringey social media posts (myself included)
  • Online gym bro forums about proper protein intake and natty debates will soon swamp the internet again…

It’s what you make of it: nothing more, nothing less

The modern college sentiment bothers me.

It‘s hard to have a balanced, nuanced view of the four-year university model. It is often at the forefront of extremely polarized opinions:

“College is the remedy for most people. I get it’s expensive, but if my kid doesn’t finish college, their future is screwed”

“Why incur all that debt? I’d much rather just work hard and learn all the important stuff online. None of these idiots attending college leave with any sort of real-life knowledge. They’re just breeding grounds for snowflakes.”

“College enables…

It’s everywhere now

It’s unnecessary, has become far too prevalent, and is a real threat:


What do I mean by this?

Inflammatory internet posts that masquerade as “harmless” or without negative intent and play the victim when they’re met with backlash (or are inciters of excessive outrage).

Cocky, know-it-all attitudes (both qualified and unqualified) in writing or the conveyance of information.

A refusal to acknowledge opposing viewpoints or even fathom real, intellectual discussion.

And no, it’s not just politics I’m referring to (although that is a clear example of this phenomenon at its worst).

Yes, there have always been dickish…

A deep dive into “the real world”

It’s interesting being a fresh college grad.

You’ve just finished 4 (give or take) years of your life and it’s time to jump into the “real world”. It has likely been a rollercoaster of craziness, hard work, and rapid growth. Your undergraduate years are over: whether you studied hard, chugged hard, or had ten internships. It’s time to stop sending your friends edgy memes and uploading cute pictures of your Golden Retriever to Instagram. It’s time to buckle down and land that “real job”.

After graduating from college in June, I’ve been 110%…

“Fake essays” or not, they’re still pretty damn entertaining

The word essay has come to bear somewhat negative connotations. Unless you’re a professional writer or have a job that entails copious amounts of research and writing, then you probably don’t have a particularly positive association with essays.

Instead, some of these definitions probably come to mind:

  • Annoying assignments you had to BS during school
  • A boring template crammed with filler words to meet a minimum word count
  • A paper focused on a predictable, dull thesis statement

Maybe I’m wrong. …

What can you REALLY do with 15 or 20 minutes?

Lying stagnant under a warm blanket of nothing is initially comfortable and enjoyable. Add a few minutes and…well…it’s suddenly:




Don’t get me wrong though; if I was an astronaut, I’d probably sing a different tune. Floating in space and viewing the vast expanse of the Earth IS, by definition, otherworldly. It must freaking amazing! It has to be, quite literally, the most serene place out there. Lonely, but nonetheless breathtaking.

To us Earth-bound laymen, however, the same can’t be said. When we picture the word “space”, we…

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