Social Media In 2020: A Case Study

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The best debates involve healthy doses of self-awareness and receptivity to opposing views. To assert that we as a society need to work on those two things would be an understatement. Thus, I’m going to approach this piece by first “steel manning” opposing arguments to social media and responding with why I believe it to be necessary.




🇺🇸(🇵🇭+🇨🇳+🇮🇪) Founder of the Creaotic lifestyle👾➡Gym Rat🏋🏼‍♂️➡Musician 🎸

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The Chaotic Creative

The Chaotic Creative

🇺🇸(🇵🇭+🇨🇳+🇮🇪) Founder of the Creaotic lifestyle👾➡Gym Rat🏋🏼‍♂️➡Musician 🎸

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