The Best Thing I Took Away From College (Hint: It Wasn’t Beer Pong Mastery)

As I await my college diploma in the mail, I’m no longer that kid.

Hard skills are certainly the primary selling point for certain college majors, particularly those within the sciences and STEM fields (I studied managerial economics). However, I would argue there are also quite a few soft skills and traits that transcend these technical assets. There are many that I want to share, but in today’s post, I will focus on the one aspect that really changed my life for the better:

Social Competence.

Yes, Social Competence.

Simply put, social competence is defined as the ability to successfully navigate most social and day-to-day interpersonal situations. It sounds like common sense, I know.

Trust me, I would know. I’ve struggled with chronic shyness my entire life.

Upon moving to college at 18, the sheer thought of meeting new people made my heart race. I hadn’t really experienced ANYTHING, let alone spent time away from my parents(I’m super close to my family). I had no clue what I hoped to gain from college and what my future would entail. Having been the farthest thing from a “social butterfly” in high school, I constantly thought myself to oblivion:

  1. I joined a social fraternity

All of them.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions about college is that anything not directly tied into career-building or coursework has little impact on professional growth. In my experience, I consider the opposite to be true.

I was “that” kid in high school.

And that’s how I grew.

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