Why You Should Treat Job Hunting Like Tinder

“I’m looking for a committed relationship right now”

I’m not going to shroud this post in euphemisms and cut straight to the chase. Searching for a job, especially during COVID-19, and the ensuing interview process resemble swiping and matching with people on Tinder.

Yes, Tinder.

Not that I know what that is or have ever used it *cough cough*

Y’know, Tinder: the app where you swipe right if you like someone and left if they’re under 6’3.

Think about it:

1. Receiving an initial screening is contingent upon a mutual match

“Let’s set the search radius to 100 miles. My profile is complete and I’m an absolute stud. Man, this description makes me want to date MYSELF. What can go wrong?”

Even after swiping right continuously for 10 minutes, there’s no guarantee you’ll receive a single match. You could be a candidate with a strong background, but not exactly the right company fit. In the current working climate, the number of applicants vying for remote internships and jobs is likely more than certain companies can handle. Are there many unique, new spots just waiting to be filled right now by certain industries? Absolutely. Is it easy to stand out? Not so much.

2. Even if you consistently nail interviews, you can easily get ghosted after any phase in the process

“Why did she stop responding? Man, I thought we really connected over my Spotify playlist!”

There are so many factors (both within and out of your control) that can throw a wrench into your best laid plans. Just because you “thought” things were going well does not mean they are. Conversely, maybe others are being ghosted and you’re just the ace-in-the-hole a manager was looking for.

3. Unless you’re a referral, you have no clue who the recruiter or hiring manager really are

“Awwww, that’s so wholesome. All of these bios say ‘not into hookups’. I can’t wait to find something authentic.”

You can surf the web and collect as much info on your interviewers as possible, but who knows what they’re actually like and what they’re looking for. Was the role’s previous occupant fired on very bad terms? Is the hiring manager a fiery boss with a track record of high turnover? Does he owe his best friend a favor? Maybe a job?

4. Those evaluating you are surprised when, contrary to your awesome resume, you’ve actually been BSing this entire time

“Ew, you’re only 5’7?! I thought you were 6’0! ”


We’re all guilty of “embellishing” our accomplishments and resume a little bit. However, stretching the truth a bit too much can quickly turn disastrous.

Interviewer: “Alright… so I noticed on your resume that you said you possess unrivaled prowess in Excel. Please write a Vlookup formula on the whiteboard and describe your process given this set of data”

Source: Know Your Meme

Also, helping your mom out with Facebook does not qualify as “data analysis” (as much as I wish it did).

5. There are strong possibilities that either:

a) other candidates are further along in the process

b) more qualified than you

“Oh, don’t mind those ten other guys texting me. They’ve only been messaging me for a few weeks now. I’ve only gone on dates with like three of them”

It’s pretty obvious that if you really want a job that was posted online, others do too. You also have no power over how competitive the recruitment pool is. At the end of the day, only one thing is certain: the role will be filled.

Okay, well that’s a vibe killer. I guess life is just one big left swipe. How is this mindset helpful in any way?

Well, simply put, conceptualizing the job market like this just puts everything into perspective. It exploits the system for being the numbers game it is. There’s really no exact science to getting that job or guaranteeing you get that perfect match. Like most things in life, shooting your shot for that dream role requires a magical cocktail of:

  1. Skill
  2. Hard Work
  3. Connections
  4. Luck

So, in short, don’t give up. Keep preparing for those interviews, learning about the art of self-marketing, and radiate confidence in all of your professional pursuits. While it may seem like a thankless and pointless endeavor at times, your hard work, combined with that little bit of luck, will go a long way.

Stand like you’re 6’3 (even if you’re not) and don’t you dare lie about Excel.



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